Monday, April 28, 2014

OPI Fashion Plate Collection-Swatches and Review

Hi guys, sorry for the weird posting schedule this week.  I promise I will explain it next week and it will all make sense :)   Today I am excited to bring you another brand new collection from OPI.  This collection is a collaboration with the MLB or major league baseball.  I didn't really understand this collaboration but I'll let you know what I think of each polish below.

This collection consists of seven colors, six of which I will be showing you.  Because I wasn't terribly excited about the colors, I ended up getting the mini set of polishes which had six of the colors.  I believe the seventh color is a third blue.

7th Inning Strrretch-This polish is a frosty metallic blue.  This polish leans more metallic to me but I did have to be careful with brushstrokes.  The formula was great and I used two easy coats.

Love Athletes in Cleats-This polish is a strawberry red with silver shimmer.  The shimmer was nice and noticeable on the nail as well as in the bottle.  The formula was fantastic on this one.  I could have used one coat but I ended up using two to deepen the color.

Girls Love Diamonds-This polish is a shimmery silvery white polish.  The shimmer in this polish definitely has a rainbow iridescence to it, although it's hard to tell in the picture.  I thought this would be similar to OPI Ski Slope Sweetie but I found it to be quite a bit different.  This polish was on the sheer side and needed three coats.

Orange You Going To the Game?-Next up is a frosty metallic warm-toned orange.  I thought I would like this one more but it ended up reminding me of a melted orange candy.  This one was very brush-strokey but it had a good formula and only required two coats.

Short-Stop!-Next up is a warm-toned tomatoey red.  It is a little on the dusty side as opposed to being a vibrant red.  The great thing about this's a legitimate one-coater.  I only used one coat for my pictures below!

Umpires Come Out at Night-Last up is a mid-tone blue, very similar to what we saw in last years Euro Centrale collection.  I liked the color on this one and it had a good formula.  I used two easy coats below.  The one thing I noticed about this one was that it had a really strong skunk smell.  I mean very pungent and gross smelling.

Overall I'm not really impressed with this collection.  The colors have all been seen before and the only redeeming quality for me is that the formulas are all pretty much amazing.  I think the only one I'll be picking up in a full size bottle is the first metallic blue polish, the rest I will pass on.  If you are looking to start your collection, the red Short-Stop! is a great red to begin with.  Did you pick up anything from this collection?


  1. Some nice colors but I agree that these aren't totally unique or different. Great swatches and review though!

  2. i love the names of these but the colors are not unique at all... bummer

  3. I'd have to agree with you about this collection...nothing with a WOW factor, but your swatches make them look incredible! :D

  4. nope I won't buy these... i don't like the baseball theme. sorry opi.
    that blue looks hot on you though !