Friday, April 25, 2014

Glitter Polish Pairings with the Essie Wedding Collection

Hi there everyone, happy Friday!  Today I have something a little different.  When I swatched the Essie Wedding Collection, I ended up wearing each one for the day and wearing my go-to every day polish, a glitter accent.  Usually, on an every day basis I wear a plain nail, polka dots, or a glitter accent.  I really enjoyed my pairings so I decided to share them with you.

Combination 1: Essie Love Every Minute with Essie Jazzy Jubilent

I really liked this combination.  It was nice and simple but I liked the pop of bling.  It wasn't a matching combination but I liked the contrast of colors.

Combination 2: Essie She Said Yes with Happy Hands Flowers on the Highway

A more classic combination, the white in the Indie polish matched well with the base polish.  I tend to stay away from a full on glitter mani just because they are more difficult to remove but I love the look of a gradient mani.

Combination 3: Essie Got Engaged! with China Glaze Too Yacht to Handle and Shimmer Polish Jennifer

Obviously the most over the top combo of the bunch, I decided to combine my love of polka dots and my love of glitter.  Here I started with my Essie base, which was just a pink polish, and transformed with with neon polka dots and a glitter accent.

Combination 4: Essie Meet the Parents with Milani Sugar High

This combination was one of my favorites, and an easy way to wear glitter without having to remove too much of it.  I liked the small glitter particles and how they looked in a reverse gradient from the cuticle.

So this is how I normally wear my glitter!  I think it's an easier way to wear glitter on an every day basis without having to remove an entire glitter mani and these ended up being pretty easy to remove.  Do you like wearing glitter polish?  Which combination is your favorite?


  1. These all turned out great! Love how simple but cute your everyday manicures are too.

  2. I love the second and last combo! Such cute glitters you used!

  3. I love the different combinations!