Monday, April 7, 2014

Butter London Wellies: Swatches and Review

Hey guys, long time no write.  I am happy to report that my project is finished for now (it's in the review stage) but I've worked my butt off and done my part to finish it.  At this point, I've worked for three weeks straight with no nights or weekends off.  Yesterday was the first day I wasn't working and it felt a little strange.  Good strange though.  Now I get to get back to my life, relax, and get back to the things I enjoy this :)  I am seriously low on swatches, but I have been taking photos of polishes I've been wearing lately.  This would be one of them....

I saw this polish when I released last year and I was really excited about it.  Butter Londons are out of my price range so I skipped on it but always had quite the lemming for it.  Occasionally my husband will surprise me with a BL polish so that's the only reason I have a few.  Then, a few weeks ago I went to Nordstrom Rack and spotted this little beauty for half price.  Score!

This polish is obviously a bright chartreuse green but it's on the light side of most greens like this I've seen.  The formula is very good for this bright of a polish.  I used three very thin coats to get the final result.  My swatches are also with topcoat.

Would this be a polish you would wear?


  1. Yay! I'm so glad you squashed a lemming! Sometimes TJ Maxx will have BL's also. Hopefully, you have one nearby!

  2. Its so bright and fun! I quite like it on you too.

  3. This is sooo pretty! I love it!

  4. Half-priced? Awesome! This color is fun! :D