Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Swatches and Video: My Top Zoya Polish Picks! (huge post)

Hi guys, happy Hump Day.  No the camel commercial doesn't get old, sorry.  Today I am excited to bring you my top Zoya polish picks.  I wanted to get this post and video out before the Zoya Earth Day sale ends.  It is happening right now until April 28th.  It's a good deal they do every Earth Day where polishes are 50% off.  It's pretty much the only time of year when I stock up on Zoya polishes.  I mentioned yesterday that I ordered 8 polishes, and right after that I found two more :)  Guess there's always next have to order a minimum of 6 polishes by the way.

In my video, I did my top 10 Zoyas.  As I was pulling the polishes out of my Helmer to photograph outside, I wanted to include a bonus five extras just because I really liked them as well.  As always for these types of posts, swatches vary in their quality just based on how old the swatches are :)

Polishes 1-5:

L to R: Yana, Channing, Rue, Mason, and Blu

Yana-Gorgeous red cream, reminds me of a red Starburst, fantastic formula

Channing-Fall in a bottle, shimmery metallic copper orange, fantastic formula

Rue-pale mauvy nude cream

Mason-warm-toned metallic purple

Blu-My first Zoya!  Pale baby blue cream

 Polishes 5-10

L to R: Rocky, Dillon, Josie, Giovanna, and Storm

Rocky-dusted muted turquoise cream

Dillon-shimmery mint green

Josie-medium grassy green cream

Giovanna-metallic emerald green

Storm-black base with holo particles

Polishes 11-15 (Honorable Mentions)

L to R: Tinsely, Thandie, Lux, Kelly, and Peyton

Tinsely-rose gold shimmer

Thandie-melon-y orange cream

Lux-textured pale sparkle rose

Kelly-dusty blue purple cream

Peyton-cranberry holographic

There you have it!  My top 15 favorite Zoya polishes.  What are your favorite Zoyas?  Will you be ordering from the Earth Day sale.  You can also check out my top Zoya video below!


  1. Love this! I'm always looking for new zoyas!

  2. So pretty! I actually just did a new post and I used a Zoya polish too! I love their polishes :)

  3. Beautiful, beautiful swatches and polishes!
    Blu-My first Zoya! -- Dillon and Peyton stole my heart!

  4. i own a few zoya textured polishes (carter, tomoko, miranda) and they are SOOO pretty and I love them. zoya is really hard to get in Canada so I don't have many but it's definitely a brand I love. Peyton looks so gorgeous!

  5. Nice Zoya picks! There all so pretty.

  6. Mason is awesome! That one was almost on my list. Josie looks amazing on you, and I keep admiring swatches, but I just can't tell if it's a green I'd wear. I love that you've swatched all of these too...amazing.

  7. Hump DAY! lol
    I love all the swatches. They're all such beautiful shades!

  8. Great picks! Zoya polishes are hard to resist, especially during their promos. I really want to get some more, but will you believe that I have everything I want from them? I went through all their polishes again just to see if there is anything else I want, and I couldn't come up with a single polish. I guess that's what happens when one has sooo many Zoyas. :)

    ~ Yun

  9. Channing looks fabulous on you, and thanks for reminding me that I need to try my Tinsley! :P And you are doing a great job on your videos!

  10. Great pictures. These really show the true color better than on the site. I don't know why they can't pay you to do their photos. Thanks for sharing.