Saturday, April 19, 2014

New Video: April Ipsy Bag!

Hi guys.  I hope you are having a good Saturday.  It's been a busy day today.  The hubby took me to Ulta because I had a gift card, then we went to go see Divergent in theaters, went grocery shopping, came home and cleaned, and then our friends will be coming over after dinner for board games and the first bonfire of the year.  Whew!  Then tomorrow I'm going to be chilling out all day :)  I wanted to thank everyone for your kind comments yesterday.  It really did mean a lot to me and I appreciate it.  I took my first step yesterday and applied to a different job.

Today I have a quick little video about my first Ipsy bag, which is the April bag.  I want to start putting out more videos because I'm pretty much stuck at one a week but I also want to have seven days of blog posts as well.   If you are interested in what I got in my Ipsy bag, check it out below.  I would also love to hear what you got in your bag.


  1. I have that primer and I love it! I have acne, and very oily T-zone, and this stuff really helps. You only need to use a little bit if you decide to try it out.

  2. Some nice products in this bag for you.

  3. Aw that's awesome you applied to a different job! Good luck on the hunt! Yay to better opportunities!
    Great ipsy bag!

  4. Love Ipsy, although not real happy I didn't get polish -again- this month. Was REALLY wanting that Rainbow Honey lol. I ended up retaking the test and made sure polish was the only thing checked in that section. What I DID get was:

    1) Urban Decay eyeliner that you got (I was dying to get it so I'm really happy that I got it!)
    2) Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion exfoilant (wanted to try it but I ended up giving it to my mom because she fell in love with her's, she gets Ipsy as well, and she needs it more than I do)
    3) Elizabeth Mott eyeshadow (champagne color, it's just ok, nothing amazing but not bad either)
    4) Starlooks Longwear Lip Pencil (very smooth and pigmented, but not real happy with the barbie pink color!)
    5) Coastal Scents Medium Shadow Brush (happy getting tools but hard to get excited over a $2.00 eyeshadow brush)

    I'm not real happy with this month either, tbh, but I do feel I got more than my money's worth. I've been subscribed with Ipsy since January and I do definitely recommend them. It's definitely not a subscription I'd give up easily, because of the low price and it being such a long waiting list. Good luck on next month's bag! =)