Thursday, September 5, 2013

Spellbound Nails Fall Collection

 *Press Samples
Hi everyone, welcome to Thursday!  Today I am excited to share with you a new-to-me indie brand called Spellbound Nails.  I have seen Ashley's polishes before on Facebook and drooled over her Alice in Wonderland polishes.  Today I am happy to bring you her fall collection which will be released September 9th.  Let's get started!

Mocha for Two

Mocha for Two is a light mocha brown polish with a frosty finish with tiny glitters which include small gold squares, round copper circles, and red and green microglitters.  This polish is such a fall color and it reminds me of a warm drink on a fall day with crunchy leaves covering the ground outside.  Can you tell I love fall?  The formula was great on this one, with photos below being two easy coats with topcoat.

Autumn Vixen

Autumn Vixen is a glitter topper that consists of small square gold glitter and small copper circle glitter in a clear polish base.  This polish is jam packed full of glitter which made it a breeze to apply.  There was no fishing or placing of glitter, I used one coat like I would a regular polish.  Photos show one coat of Autumn Vixen over Julie G Elegant Edge, with topcoat.

Forever Green

Forever Green is a deep green polish with purple and green microglitters.  I used this polish as a topper over OPI Jade Is The New Black because it was sheer.  I contacted Ashley and she let me know that this polish has been reformulated to be more opaque.  The new formula looks dark green like my macro shot.  It is a very pretty polish and really added life to my mani.  I used one coat, with topcoat.

Under the Harvest Moon

Under the Harvest Moon is a really stunning peachy leaning pink polish with holographic microglitter.  I really loved the color of this polish and it reminded me of a beautiful pink sunset.  This one applied very easily and it dried slightly textured because of the glitter but this was smoothed out with topcoat.  I used two easy coats with topcoat for the photos below.

Fall In Love

Fall In Love is a really pretty glitter mix with red hex glitters, black square glitters, and silver holographic glitters in a clear polish base.  I thought the black squares were a really cool addition and I've never seen anything like it before.  Again, this glitter had a perfect formula and I was able to spread one coat on like a regular polish with no fishing or placing of the glitter.  I used one coat of Fall In Love over Under the Harvest Moon and finished with topcoat.

Fall 'n Leaves

Last but certainly not least is Fall 'n Leaves.  This polish is a mix of orange, gold, and black glitters in a clear polish base.  This was my favorite of the group because it just screams fall and Halloween to me.  Broken record time...the formula was great, no fishing or placing on this one either.  I used one easy coat over Zoya Noot and finished with topcoat.

This was my first experience with Spellbound Nails and I have to say that it was a great one.  I can't emphasize enough the great formulas on the polish, especially the glitters!  I love glitters that you don't have to work for and this collection was filled with them.  My favorites are Autumn Vixen, Under the Harvest Moon, and especially Fall 'n Leaves.  I have nothing but kind words for my experience with this brand.

Spellbound Nails can be found on Etsy here and on Facebook here

*Samples were received in exchange for my honest review.


  1. Thank you so much for such an amazing review! Your photos are so yummy looking. :)

  2. Great colors, all of them! Under the Harvest Moon is just the prettiest shade! I love how sweet and girly it is! :D

    ~ Yun