Friday, September 20, 2013

Julep September 2013: It Girl Box

Hi guys, sorry for not posting yesterday.  I had to go in the field for work, so I've been driving all over the state and have been very busy.  My posts for the 31 Day Challenge with be patchy now because the rest of the month is just packed for me.  Hopefully I will be able to do a few more though.  

Today I have my Julep box for September.  I skipped a few months because nothing stood out to me but now that we are only a few days from fall, I am loving the deep and vampy colors.  I choose It Girl this month and it came with three unique polishes.

First up is Catrina, a marigold yellow cream.  This one is a yellow so I won't pretend that the formula was fantastic but it was mildly good.  I used two coats, one thin and one thick, for my swatches below.   All swatches for this post are without topcoat.  I loved this color, it's perfect for fall.

Next up is Josephine, a dusty teal cream.  I was worried that I had a dupe for this polish when I pulled it out of the box, but the difference with this polish is how dusty it is.  It does lean teal but it has such a muted, dusty quality to it.  Very pretty as well.  The formula was good, two coats below.

Last up is Candace, a brown microshimmer.  I actually got the box for this polish and it did not disappoint.  This polish is stunning and so very pretty.  I used one coat for the photos below, but next time I will use two just to fill in a few spots.

Overall, Julep seems to have redeemed themselves from some bland boxes over the summer.  The colors were stunning and unique and the formulas were very good.  Yay!  TGIF :)


  1. Candice reminds me of Wallis from Butter London!

  2. Wow great colors! I'm surprised that I actually love catrina I don't usually go for yellows. Gorgeous nails! :)

  3. Beautiful colours, especially Candace and Catrina. Lovely swatches, thank you!

  4. Candace is gorgeous and so perfect for fall! Love the shimmers in there! :D

    ~ Yun