Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Hi everyone, welcome to Tuesday.  I am back at work today.  I feel better than yesterday but still have stomach pains.  This is my excuse for wearing yoga pants to work today :)  Unlike yesterday's prompt, I really enjoyed the theme of glitter because there really is so much that can be done with it.  I've never done an ombre mani and I really wanted to try it.  I love the look of it and how pretty it can be.  As I was staring at my polish stash, I realized that I had enough warm purples to create an ombre look.  

The colors are as follows: 
Thumb: OPI Honk If You Love OPI
Pointer: OPI Plugged-In Plum
Middle: Essie The Girls are Out
Ring: OPI Sparrow Me the Drama
Pinky: Essie Go Ginza

I followed up with a reverse glitter gradient with Shimmer Polish Gerry.  I really love the contrast of the warm purples with the cool tone of the glitter.  This was a winner for me :)  Later I will have a second post for the day, a review of a new-to-me subscription box.  

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  1. Your ombre is really cute! I like the colors you chose... they look great together! Love the glitter gradient too. :)

    ~ Yun