Tuesday, September 10, 2013


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Hi everyone, welcome to Tuesday.  I will again be in the field today just like last week so I wanted to get my post up pretty quickly.  Today's theme is gradient and it's no secret that I've done quite a few failed gradients.  After I failed a few times, I decided I couldn't do them at all.  This is only my second successful gradient so it's not perfect, and a little bit messy, but I'm going to try and get better at them.  

Yesterday I was wearing OPI You're such a Buda-pest and asked on instagram what color gradient I should do.  I got two responses, one being from Marta of Chit Chat Nails, both of which recommended coral.  If Marta recommends an orangy coral, I'm going to go for it :)  I used Julie G Elegant Edge for the middle color and Maybelline Coral Crush for the color near the tips.  The coral ended up turning out pink but overall I was happy with the gradient.  I finished this nail art look with some silver heart studs from Born Pretty Store.  These studs are item number 7045 and can be found here.

I really like the finished look with the studs.  I found them to be a perfect size for my nail, not overwhelming big, but also not too small to work with.  My only issue with the studs was that they weren't curved enough for my nail.  The studs on my ring finger and pinky finger didn't sit flat so I would be worried that they could snag and get pulled right off.  Maybe if I try them towards the tips of my nails, they would work better.

In the end, this gradient turned out way girlier than I expected, but I really liked it, especially in the outdoor pictures.  These studs can be found here, and are $2.02 for a pack of 20 hearts (they also are available in 12 different colors).  Born Pretty Store also offers free shipping.  You can receive an additional 10% off with my coupon code below.

Born Pretty Store link
*Some items in this post were received in exchange for my honest opinion.


  1. I totally, totally love these! Fantastic gradient, and the little heart studs are just too cute! ^_^

  2. The gradient looks very watercolor-y! Pretty!

  3. I love the colours you've used for the gradient! The heart studs are so cute! :)

  4. Oooh this is soooo pretty! Your gradient turned out perfect, and I love the little hearts you added. :)

    ~ Yun

  5. Really pretty combo of colors - I like both of these shades...my brain just does not do color combos well for some reason - I am really traditional staying in the same color family or equally easy things. I have trouble looking at my bottles of shades and finding ones that work together this well..usually one is way too intensive over the other in the saturation or something.