Thursday, February 6, 2014

OPI Swatch Spam: 6 Polishes

Hi everyone, a bit of a weird posting time for me today.  I did have some indies to show you but after I spend a day in the field for work my brain is just fried.  So instead, I decided to show off some pretty polishes.  Hopefully that's cool with everyone ;)

First up, A Grape Fit!  This polish is a medium cool grape purple.  The color is stunning and the formula is flawless.  Two coats with topcoat below.  I got this polish from a pinterest swap.

Next up, A-Taupe the Space Needle.  Taupes really aren't my favorite colors, I like the idea but always dislike them with my skin tone.  I liked this polish for two reasons.  First, my husband and I stopped in Seattle before we went on our cruise to Alaska for our honeymoon.  The Space Needle was one of our stops even though I am petrified of heights.  Second, this color reminds me of a mix of hot caramel and hot chocolate.  Yum!  Two coats with topcoat below.  Another pinterest swap polish!

Ooooh, Last Friday Night.  I had wanted this polish and then found it at TJ Maxx, score!  This polish has a bunch of iridescent blue glitters in a pale blue base.  It's stunning.  I paired one coat over OPI Eurso Euro.

Next up Pamplona Purple.  I found a random mini set at TJ Maxx and this one was in it.  I thought this purple would be fine until I put it on, it's just a perfect mid-tone purple and I really ended up loving it.  Two coats with topcoat.

Another TJ Maxx polish, it's been really great for building up my OPI collection.  I figured this one would just be another sheer pink, been there, done that.  Wrong again!  Sweet Heart is a sheer pink but it builds up nicely in three coats.  It reminds me of melted strawberry ice cream and I really love it.  Three coats with topcoat below.

Last up, OPI Road House Blues.  This polish is a gorgeous navy blue with a tinge of dustiness to it.  It's a beautiful creamy blue and it's stunning on the nail.  It reminds me of blueberries :)  Two easy coats with topcoat below.

There you have it, more OPIs welcomed to my collection.  Do you own any of these?


  1. it really does remind of blueberries too and of course i love the purples, i hope your fieldwork goes well!

  2. I have 2 bottles of Last Friday NIght. Love it! Really need to get Road House Blues, and A Grape Fit.

  3. Beautiful swatches - and I like them all actually!

  4. OPI has such a brilliant formula and what a lovely selection of shades - I LOVE the taupe :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  5. I really like the taupe one, it's one of those colors you either love or hate it would seem.
    And I have seen last friday night so many times at winners (canadian counterpart of tjmaxx) but never picked it up, it was still a bit pricy haha

  6. Great swatches! A Grape Fit is such a nice purple and so is Pamplona Purple - I think they'd make a great gradient manicure together! :)

  7. All of these look amazing on you!!