Sunday, February 16, 2014

My Sister's Stash: OPI Think Merry! Pink Merry!

Hi everyone, just a quick post for me today.  I got a good response from yesterday's post with the nails I wear on an everyday basis so I will continue that :)  I'm doing better this morning but will still be working today.  If you follow me on Instagram you know that I had a hair emergency that I was freaking out about, but now it's all been fixed.  I toned my hair myself because it was SO gold yellow looking but now it's back to being cool toned.  Whew!

Today I have another polish that is from my sister's collection.  Think Merry! Pink Merry! is a color that I hadn't heard of but apparently it is a 2008 Ulta holiday exclusive.  This polish isn't something I would normally be drawn to but I wore it for a day and absolutely loved it.  The polish is a frosty cool-toned pink but it has these little sparks of silver that make it so unique.  I think they are best seen in the second picture and in the bottle macro.  The polish builds up with three coats.

I really liked this polish and I think it's really subtle and pretty.


  1. This colour really suits you! I wouldn't normally go for pink polishes but this is really nice! I love the shimmer/metallic finish! :)

  2. Haha! I've never seen an OPI shade like this -- it is pretty though! :)

  3. Its a gorgeous shade! Not usually a fan of frosty shades but this one looks great :)

  4. wow this looks really pretty! I love the frostiness of it :D