Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Twinsie Tuesday: My Polish Collection

Hi everyone, welcome to Tuesday.  I am extremely happy to report that I finished my work project yesterday.  It took me all day but I did it and I couldn't be more happy about it.  I woke up this morning with a full blown cold so I'm hanging out at home today.  Today's Twinsie prompt is to show our polish collection.  I did a pretty short version of my polish collection because I've been so busy with work.  Eventually I plan on doing a more in-depth version but this post does include my entire collection.

I had mixed feelings about this post.  I hope that there isn't too much judgement from others.  The bottom line is that my blog is my hobby and it is something that I love.  I don't care for purses, clothes, makeup, bags, or shoes, so my polish is what I collect.  Before the polish it was scrapbook paper so it's just how it is :)

First up is my favorite part of my collection, my wall rack.  My husband built this rack last year.  It still needs to be stained but that's a project for this year.  This rack holds my OPI collection which has grown exponentially in the last few months.  I've swapped away a ton of polishes I didn't care for, for OPIs in return.  I like to organize my polishes by brand and then by color.

The rest of my collection is housed in one Helmer from Ikea.  The first drawer is Zoya polishes. 

The second drawer is the messieset but it houses my drugstore polish, random polish brands that only have a few, and extra nail art supplies and nail wraps.  Some of the brands include Revlon, Milani, Orly, Hard Candy, Sally Hansen, L'oreal, and Wet N' Wild.

Drawer three is my Indie Drawer.  Most of these polishes are from reviews and giveaways.  I haven't really gotten into collecting Indies but my two favorite Indie brands are Candy Lacquer and Shimmer Polish.  Some of the brands in this drawer are Candy Lacquer, Shimmer, The Nail Junkie, Daphine Polish, Spellbound Nails, Mentality, Philly Loves Lacquer, and others.

Second to last is my China Glaze, Essie, and Julep drawer.  I've swapped away all of the extra polishes in this drawer so these are the ones I really like. 

Last up is the drawer I'm a little embarrassed of.  These are my overflow OPI polishes that I have swapped for and bought in blog sales.  My husband is planning on building me a second OPI wall rack this Spring.

This last photo is a phone picture of polishes I plan on swatching soon.  This pile is sitting in my living room and consists of both Essie Spring collections, OPI Brazil, a handful of new polishes, and a bunch of OPIs I borrowed from my sister.

I hope you enjoyed this kind of post, I know I'm excited to see the other Twinsie's stashes. 

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  1. They are so beautiful all lined up on your rack! Love it!

  2. You have a great collection, and a well organised one! I especially liked the wall rack with OPI :)

  3. Wow that's a ton of polish! So jealous :(

  4. Great nail polish collection! I love your wall rack too!

  5. OMG why would you be embarrassed?! Collecting nail polish and being obsessed is totally normal!!! I totally need a systematic way of storing all my polishes!!! :)

  6. Girrrrrrrrl!! Can I come over and paint my nails with you?!! Loving your collection, I espesh love the wall rack. And my collection before was scrapbooking supplies too! I still scrapbook from time to time but polish has definately taken over as my fave hobby!

  7. I would DIEEEE for a nail polish rack like that. My friend keeps saying he'll build me one but I'm holding my breath lol. Love it!

  8. Wow you have so many polishes! They are all so organised too! You are so lucky! ;)

  9. I like to organize mine by brand and then color too. :) And that Zoya drawer is looking pretty yummy! ^.^

  10. If your husband wants to post the plans for that amazing wall rack, I think you'd get some eternal gratitude from those of us who really need a way to store our OWN OPI collections. ^^

  11. I love your stash!! That's a really nice rack your husband made.

  12. Oh.My.Gosh! I am in LOVE with your OPI collection! I am trying to get rid of some of my other shade and switch over to as much OPI as possible! You will now be my inspiration! hehe.
    Congrats on getting your project finished!

  13. oh so much fun to get a peek into your collection! so much opi, gorgeous wall rack :)

  14. This is beautiful! Especially all of those OPIs!!!! Makes me weak in the knees!!!!! <3

  15. I hope you get over your cold soon! Your polish rack is awesome and your collection is beautiful!

  16. I love that you've displayed your OPI with the wall rack - so gorg!