Monday, February 3, 2014

Barielle Review: Mint Ice Cream Cone, Banana Drop, and Blue Cotton Candy

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Hi everyone, welcome to Monday.  I don't really have anything to report on a personal level.  Some family things occurred last night sending us in a tailspin, our cats got into a huge fight, and the superbowl was pretty disappointing.  On the bright side, my sister did pass her nursing boards so all the stress of that for her is finally over.  So it's a pretty weird start to the week.  It's going to be a pretty stressful next two weeks at work to get a specific project done and I'll be in the field for a few days at the end of the week.

A while back I was asked to join Barielle's blogger network and I jumped at the chance.  I got to select some polish colors to try and also some nail care items.  I'm going to give the creams and cuticle oil some time to see how they work and what I think of them, so today I'm just showing off these pretty polishes.  This was my first time trying Barielle polishes and I'll let you know what I think of each polish below.

Mint Ice Cream Cone

Let's start with my hands down winner, Mint Ice Cream Cone.  I'll be honest here, I picked this polish because of the name.  I was torn between this one and Green Apple Chew which I have been dying to try since I saw reviews of it, but the name won out for me.  This polish is a pastel yellow-leaning mint green.  When I could eat ice cream, mint was my favorite flavor and this color is exactly like melted mint ice cream.  Here's the kicker....the formula was amazing, especially for a pastel.  The formula wasn't thin, it wasn't streaky, and it applied like a dream.  I used two coats below, with topcoat.  I really did not want to take this polish off.

Banana Drop

Clearly I was thinking food when I picked out these polishes :)  Yellow is my favorite color and I had yet to find a pastel yellow that I liked so I wanted to give this one a go.  Banana Drop is a pastel yellow cream.  While it did require three coats to completely even out, it had a decent formula for a yellow.  I used thin coats, let them dry in between, and had no problems.  I really liked this color, it looked so buttery and creamy on the nail.  It didn't end up streaky or lumpy and bumpy like some yellows do.  Three coats with topcoat below.

Blue Cotton Candy

Haha, another food name!  I really enjoy that actually :)  Blue Cotton Candy is a medium dusty marine blue with silver shimmer.  I liked that the shimmer was just as apparent on the nail as it was in the bottle.  This polish was on a thicker side but it is a true one coater.  I thought the color was really unique and I haven't seen anything quite like it before.  Swatches are one coat with topcoat below.

Overall I am really impressed with my first try with Barielle polishes.  The green is seriously one of my new favorite polishes, the yellow was pretty good as far as yellows go, and I finished off with a one coater.  Obviously my favorite would be Mint Ice Cream Cone.  Which is your favorite?  This polishes can be found on Barielle's website here.

*Products in this post were received for review in exchange for my honest opinion.


  1. these are all really nice, especially that green! and the formula sounds great.

  2. What pretty shades! I love Barielle and should really look into getting some more colors from them. But after my no buy though, lol.

  3. Pastel-spring is near - I love the two first to bits :)

  4. Omigosh, these colours! Looks like imma need more Barielle in my life...

  5. well, I love them all! and they look fantastic on you! now I need to add barielle to my shopping list!

  6. These are great-looking polishes! I hope you're not too stressed out.