Monday, February 10, 2014

Beyond the Nail Review: Three polishes and a nail art look

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Hi everyone, I hope your Monday is going well.  This post is later for me than usual because I ended up driving my husband to work when his car got completely stuck in our driveway.  This isn't the first time to happen this year.  It's an SUV, I can't figure it out haha.  One day it took me 2 hours to get the car out.  Anyways, today I have a really fun review of some polishes and nail stickers from Beyond The Nail, which is a Canadian Indie brand.  I fell in love with this brand after I tried out some minis from a giveaway.  I just think they make such cool and fun glitter combinations.  

First up is Flash Dance, which is a glitter topper with holographic silver stars, fuchsia pink squares, and smaller black hexes.  I used two coats over OPI Road House Blues.  I think this topper could be used over so many colors, especially with a pastel for Spring and a punchy bright for Summer.  I found it easier to dab the glitters on the nail since they are pretty big.

Next up is Rosy Twilight which is a glitter topper with pale pink stars, white glitter, holographic glitter, and little microglitters.  This polish is so delicate and stunning.  I really wanted to show off the glitter so I used one coat over black so all of the micro glitters really stand out.  I feel like this could be perfect for so many occasions.  The stars were also really easy to get out of the bottle, no problems there.

The last polish I have is Electric Dawn.  I must have had stars on the brain when I picked these polishes out :)  I haven't seen too many polishes before with stars in them before and I really like them.  I think the stars are a really good size and they don't stick up off the nail, which would drive me absolutely crazy :)  Electric Dawn is a glitter topper with green, black, and white stars with little bright medium green hexes.  I used two coats of Electric Dawn over OPI Nein Nein Nein Ok Fine! and I went with the dabbing method for this one.  I thought this glitter topper was so funky and I love the addition of the bright green hexes. 

Last up is a nail art look that I used some star decals for.  I am a huge fan of nail stickers because they create such striking nail looks and are just about the easiest thing you could put on your nails :)  These decals are stickers that come on a page with three different sizes of stars.  The big stars are on my pointer and middle finger, the medium size is the bigger one on my pinky, and the small sizes are on all the nails.  These stars are the holographic ones and.....just, yes.  They are so pretty and so holographic.  I had no problem with application, I just peeled them off the paper with my hand and placed them on, no tweezers, no fuss.  They stuck well to my matte polish so they would be perfect for glossy polishes for sure. 

Final verdict....YAY!  I had no problems with the polishes and they were funky and colorful and I loved them.  I also loved the star stickers and think they are easy to use as well as beautiful.  You can check out Beyond the Nail on Etsy here.  Let me know what your favorite combo is!

*Products in this post were received for review in exchange for my honest opinion.


  1. Great review and swatches! I just love how unique these glitters are! The star nail decals look lovely too :)

  2. So beautiful! Thank you so much for swatching these :) Hope you love all the stars!!

    xo Maddy | spilledpolish
    (from Beyond the Nail)

  3. All 3 glitters look great, and I especially liked the 1st one :)

  4. These polishes all look great! I honestly cannot decided which combination I like the best - I just love them all! The star decals look great too! :)

  5. Ooh these polishes really are fun! Love those star decals :D