Tuesday, March 19, 2013

OPI Oz Collection: Part 3

OPI Oz Collection Part 3: I Theodora You and Lights of Emerald City

Today I have part 3 of the OPI Oz Collection.  I Theodora You is a pale pink sheer which had more color than the last two sheers.  I did three coats of this polish which again had a really good formula free of streaks and running.

Next up is Lights of Emerald City.  I have posted this one before but again, my pictures weren't that great.  I did one coat of this polish and dabbed a few of the white squares to fill in the gaps.  The white glitters tended to sink to the bottom of the bottle so I turned mine upside down a few minutes before I used it.  This might be my favorite out of the entire collection.  It is just so pretty!

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