Monday, March 18, 2013

OPI Oz Collection: Part 2

OPI Oz Collection Part 2: Glints of Glinda and Which is Witch?

Well it's Monday.  The only good thing is can say is that I hope the work week goes by quickly :)  Also our 30 plus year old windows in our house are getting replaced so my husband and I will no longer have to freeze in our own home.  It seems like spring will never come here, so many mixed signals, it snowed last week but the flowers in our front garden are starting to come up.  Very confusing!  Anyways...

Today I have part two of the OPI Oz collection.  I love every polish in this collection and these two are no exception.  The first is OPI Glints of Glinda.  This polish is a sheer tan peach and reached opacity in four thins coats.  They dried quickly for me so it wasn't a pain to build it up.  I am cool-toned so I wasn't sure if this polish would look good on me but I think it was neutral enough to work for me.  It might not be the best color for me but at least it didn't clash.  The following photos are four thin coats with no topcoat.  I liked the formula on this polish.  It applied smoothly without streaking or pulling.


I then layered Which is Witch? over Glints of Glinda.  I've shown this polish before; a few posts ago, but my photos have improved since then.  This polish is hex and tiny bar holographic glitter in a clear base.  I love this polish.  I couldn't stop staring at it.  Every time the light hits it it shines and you see a different flash of color.  Very nice!  The pictures are one quick coat with no topcoat.

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