Saturday, March 16, 2013

OPI Lights of Emerald City

OPI Lights of Emerald City-Oz Collection

Happy Saturday favorite day of the week!  Does anyone have any fun plans?  My husband and I are going to see the movie Oz the Great and Powerful at our local theater.  I've always had a thing for the Wizard of Oz, from the time I was little even to this day.  I remember my dad telling me that I used to make him watch the Wizard of Oz multiple times a day with me...every day.  The movie would finish and I would ask him to put it on again.  I'm pretty sure I still have my old VHS copy from back in the day.  With my love of Oz, I had to pick up all of the OPI Oz collection.  Today I have OPI Lights of Emerald City over OPI Eurso Euro.  I've worn this polish twice in the past week because I love it so much.  This polish is white square glitter (although mine are shaped like tiny Utahs) with iridescent pale pink/purple glitters in a clear base.  One thing I found really interesting about this polish-the small iridescent glitters seems to change color depending on what polish you wear under it.  For example, over a dark color like OPI Eurso Euro, the glitters look almost coppery and warm.  I've also worn this polish over Zoya Blu and they look pink and purple.  It's a really cool effect that increases the versatility of this polish in my opinion.  So far I've used four out of the seven OPI Oz collection polishes and this one is one of my favorites.  I've never seen a glitter polish like it and I applaud OPI for going outside the box on this one.

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