Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Twinsie Tuesday: My Go-To Polish

Hi there everyone!  I'm finally back in town and back at work, it feels like it's been forever since I've been here even though it's really only been five days.  Is anyone else getting their butt kicked by the time change?  I was fine yesterday, but then last night I fell asleep on the couch at 9pm and then this morning I had to drag myself out of bed haha.  I would also like to note the crazy weather we have been having.  Yesterday was in the 50's which was amazing and then today is supposed to be in the 60's.  Then tonight....3 inches of snow.  What?  Are you having weird weather where you are?  

So today for Twinsie Tuesday, the theme is "go-to polish".  I get really excited for themes like this because I like to see what people choose.  For my go-to polish, I chose OPI My Vampire is Buff.  The color reminds me of a light vanilla which isn't really anything to write home about, however, I always reach for this polish.  It works well with my pale skin, it's got a decent formula for a nude, and it's opaque on the nail without being too stark.  This was the first polish that I thought I needed a backup for (I just recently got my backup) and even then I'm still thinking a backup to the backup bottle wouldn't be so bad :)  It's also my most used polish and I'm already over halfway done with my original bottle.  For the look below, I created a wintery mani that I wore awhile ago on a weekday.  I paired My Vampire is Buff with Wet N Wild Mega Rocks in Slick It to the Man.

There you have it.  What's your go-to polish?  You can also check out these other ladies below!

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  1. Beautiful! :) And agreed about the time change and weather... im in Ottawa, Canada and it is nuts here too!!

  2. This is always such a gorgeous one!

  3. I love My Vampire Is Buff! It's one of my favorite cremes. I've used a lot of it too, especially for when I wear glitters. I love the one you used on top. It's very pretty.

  4. Great go to polish! Its nice with the glitter on top you paired it with.

  5. This is a very popular one. Looks good on you!

  6. This is one of my top 3 go to shades! Looks great with the glitter you picked!

  7. Love this combo! Really pretty.

  8. This is a beautiful shade! Great go-to! :D

  9. this seems to be very popular. I think it's my next must have

  10. This polish, again, why don't I have it?! It looks gorgeous!

  11. We went from 50 degree weather to, get this, a blizzard with 18 inches of snow! Kill me now! lol Spring neds to wake up and just happen.

    I love My Vampire is Buff. So happy I picked it up when I did, I also noticed Sally's sells it as part of the OPI main display aka I'll always be able to get back ups! Lovely manicure!

  12. This is such a great go-to-color! And I love how you added a bit of pizzazz with the glitters! The end result is really fun. :D

    ~ Yun