Thursday, March 6, 2014

Julie G The Perfect Pairs: Swatches and Review

Hi everyone, happy Friday!  It feels weird to type that since I am writing this Thursday night ;)  I'll be in the field again today for work, but I'm most excited about the weekend.  Saturday is the hubby's birthday and we are going out to lunch with my family, dinner with his family, and going to Ikea in between.  Sunday is going to be fun too because I'm going shopping and to the movies with my mom.  Sometimes you just need a weekend at home with family!

Today I have three polishes (with three matching lipsticks) to show you from Julie G.  I won these polishes in a giveaway and I am really excited to show off these vibrant colors.  It makes me really wish we had Rite Aids where I live :)  (side note: yes, I know you can order Julie G polish online, but I prefer to see my polish in stores before I buy, I'm weird like that).  These polishes and lipsticks come in matching duos and are named after historical male/female duos.  Let's get right into it!

First up, Anthony, which goes with the matching Cleopatra lipstick.  Anthony is the lightest of the three polishes and it's a bright lighter pink with a little bit of peach.  The formula on this one was perfection.  I used two easy coats with no topcoat below.

The middle shade of the group is Fred, which is paired with the lipstick Ginger.  Fred is a medium punchy cooler-toned pink.  Very bright and vibrant!   The formula on this one was a tad on the streaky side but it did self level so that wasn't an issue.  I used two coats with no topcoat below.


Last of the duos is Romeo, which obviously is paired with the Juliet lipstick ;)  As opposed to the first two very pinky shades, this duo was very coral and man do I love a good coral nail polish.  I have very fair skin and I just love the way coral nails pop against my ghost complexion haha.  The formula on this one was perfect, no issues at all.  I used two coats without topcoat below.

Last but not least...the lipstick swatches!  Now, I've had my blog for a year and this is actually the first makeup to make it to my blog.  Admittedly I'm a lip balm girl because I think lipsticks look ridiculous on my small lips.  I have been wanting to branch out though and I think these colors will be perfect for Spring and summer.  I don't have much lipstick knowledge but these seemed very pigmented and buttery.  I used two easy swipes below.  Hey get to see my ghost skin!

I am really impressed with both the nail polishes and the lipsticks from the Perfect Pairs collection.  Which is your favorite duo?  I honestly love them all!


  1. The nail polish and lipstick pairings go so well together! I love my cremes so these shades are right up my alley and their perfect for the Spring as well. Your weekend plans sound fun too!

  2. Im definitely gravitating towards those pretty lipstick colors! :)

  3. Love these and that they are found @ Rite Aid is awesome for me! Love your blog!

  4. These shades are beautiful! I really like them all!