Friday, March 14, 2014

Smokey Mountain Lacquers: Island Dreams, Placid Blue, and Hawaiian Ice

*Press Samples
Hi everyone, TGIF!  Man am I glad it's Friday :)  I'm in an exceptionally good mood for a few reasons.  First, I feel like my health has really turned around in the past few days.  I realized that I had a severe magnesium deficiency (due to my big dietary restrictions from my food allergies) and once I started taking the supplements I feel so different.  I'm really happy about it.  I also decided that this weekend I'm going to start my youtube channel.  I have so many ideas floating around in my head and I think tomorrow will be the first day I give filming a try.  Third, I have three awesome polishes to show you today :)

Today is my very first experience with Smokey Mountain Lacquers (love the name), and it is a very good one.   I have three brand new polishes including a cream, a holo, and a glitter topper.  Let's get right into the swatches.

First up, Island Dreams.  Love the name!  This polish is a dusty medium seafoam green cream.  I absolutely love the color of this polish.  I like how it leans dusty, but is still really fresh looking.  It reminds me of tidal pools, algae, and sea life...and now that I typed that I did mean it in a good way ;)  It feels earthy and I really liked that.  I found this polish to be slightly on the sheer side, but it did build up nicely in three thin coats.  It dries a little bit dull so I did add topcoat to make it really shiny below.

Second up, Placid Blue.  This polish is the holo and I will say that the holo effect is subtle.  However, when I went in my light box and saw the subtle gorgeous holo to this polish I thought....whoa, that is pretty.  This polish is a medium bright blue holo.  It's a very classic blue, bright but not neon, and I think the color is perfect.  It's just a gorgeous color.  Like the first polish, it was on the sheer side and it built up in three coats.  I did use topcoat below as well.

Last up, Hawaiian Ice.  I am very happy to say that I did design this polish and I love how it turned out.  I started out with wanting a fun glitter topper that could be worn over a ton of different base colors and look just as good with each one.  I think this could go with blues, coral, orange, yellow, white, pale pink...the options are very open for this one.  I was born in Hawaii so that was my starting point, and one of my favorite things there is authentic Hawaiian shave ice (not a snow cone).  This polish contains a mix of bright snow cone colors including coral, pale pink, white, aqua, and yellow in a mix of different glitter shapes.  I really love how this one came out and I think it's so punchy for Spring and Summer.  I used one dabbed coat over Placid Blue.  I had no problems with fishing out glitters.

Overall I am completely happy and impressed with my first Smokey Mountain Lacquers.  I love all three of the polishes and would highly recommend all three because they are so darn pretty.  The prices of each polish are down below:

Island Dreams-$8.50 
Placid Blue-$9.50
Hawaiian Ice-$9

You can find Smokey Mountain Lacquers on her website here as well as on Etsy here.  Which one of these pretties is your favorite?  Happy Friday everyone!

*Polishes were sent for review in exchange for my honest opinion.


  1. Oh that is exciting that your starting a youtube channel, I cannot wait for it! Great swatches and review on these shades too. There all pretty.

  2. I'm so glad you're feeling better! And your swatches are gorgeous!

  3. I just LOVE Placid Blue!! It's going on my wishlist!

  4. These are beautiful! I love the look of Placid Blue!