Sunday, March 30, 2014

Glitter Daze Socialite

Hi there everyone.  Today I've got a quick post for you of an Indie polish that I won from a giveaway.  I've been busy with work all weekend and today will be no exception.  Hopefully I can get back to normal starting Tuesday :)

Today I have a stunning polish to share with you, Glitter Daze Socialite.  This polish is a beautiful mix of glitter and shards of glitter in a rainbow of colors.  I used a gradient over OPI Manicurist of Seville.  This polish was slightly on the thick side, just because it's so packed with glitter.  I love this polish, it reminds me of birthday cupcakes :)

There you have it.  Sorry for the short post!  Hopefully this pretty polish makes up for it ;)


  1. Socialite looks stunning over Manicurist of Seville! Great combination! :)

  2. Its pretty! Love how you paired it with this color too :)

  3. Love this deep, sexy red, and the glitter is so brightly colorful! Just an awesome combination!

  4. Gorgeous glitter! I love how you placed it :D