Saturday, November 16, 2013

Simple Snowman Nails

Hi everyone, I hope you are enjoying your weekend.  I hate to say it but I am still sick, flu, stomach flu, something for almost a week now.  Any doctors out there?  :)  In the middle of writing this post I decided to go to the convenient care since I've been sick for eight days answers for me!  They didn't even give me anything or tell me anything.  Yesterday I was home all day and started to get bored around the afternoon.  I then went on a nail art kick until I went to bed!  Normally I would think November is too early for snow, but we've already had some!

I went with some simple snowman nails that could be done in a pinch.  I started with a base of Maybelline Color Show Porcelain Party, used Zoya Thandie for the carrot noses, Essie Licorice for the eyes and mouth, and Julep Autumn on my accent nail.  These were easy but I really liked them.


  1. Hehe this is so cute and simple! Love it! :D
    Hope you figure out what's going on and feel better soon! <3

    ~ Yun

  2. Hope you feel better :(
    The manicure is super cute~

  3. This nail design is sooo cute. I love doing nail art designs on my nails and this is definitely one that I will be trying for the winter. Thanks for the inspiration.


  4. these are so cute! definitely inspired.