Friday, November 8, 2013

Nail of the Day: 3 Looks

Hi everyone.  Boy am I glad it's Friday.  Yesterday was such a long day at work.  We had no internet and basically everything we do relies on an internet connection.  So we all sat around, twiddling our thumbs, but they wouldn't let us leave.  It's like the times where you sit and clock watch and the day goes by insanely slow, but if you are working and busy it goes by really fast.  It was like clock watching all day long haha!

Today I have a compilation of three different looks that I've worn recently.  I usually wear different manis that appear on the blog.  Basically I don't like if my hands don't match.  So if I do complicated nail art or something that is really time consuming, I won't wear it unless it matches the other nails.  And now I sound crazy haha!

First up is the mani that I wore for my sister's induction ceremony at college a few weeks ago.  It was around Halloween time so I wanted something fun, but I also wanted to respect that we were there for her honor society.  My base is Orly Fowl Play and I finished with some simple but striking dots in Maybelline Color Show Porcelain Party.

Next up is the mani that I wore for Halloween.  I had originally planned to do some fun nail art for the day of, but ended up being too tired the night before.  I started out with a base of OPI Dutch Tulips and then layered on one coat of Spellbound Nails Fall 'n Leaves.  I don't really like reds, but I loved this one.  It was really stunning in person.

Last up is a mani that I did a few nights ago.  It's slightly cheating because I did the mani on both hands, decided my nails were too long, then immediately took it off to file them down.  I started with a base of OPI Diva of Geneva.  To give it a little visual interest, I did a thick freehand stripe of OPI My Vampire is Buff and then layered on OPI When Monkeys Fly.

So there you have it, a little peek into things that I wear everyday.  Obviously I work in a really low key office.  It is perfectly acceptable to wear shorts and flip flops in the summer and jeans and sweatshirts in the winter.  Basically I'll wear anything and everything :)  Which of these is your favorite?  Happy Friday everyone!