Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Tawdry Terrier: Pawsome Pines and Poke-a-Nose Purple

Hi everyone, happy Hump Day!  Today I have a new-to-me indie brand called Tawdry Terrier.  I recently won my choice of two polishes in a giveaway and I ended up picking Pawsome Pines and Poke-a-Nose Purple.  I love the name of the brand and how all of the polishes are named after dog themed things or dog puns, it's awesome.  Both polishes are from the "Autumn in the Barkshires" collection.  These polishes can be built up to full opacity with multiple coats or can be layered over another color, I chose to layer both.

Poke-A-Nose Purple:
This polish is described as a plum glass flecked polish with purple, red-violet, red, and orange glitter.  This polish is perfect for fall because it incorporates so many fall colors but is also still very girly with the plum colored base.  I used one coat of this polish over a plum colored polish by JulieG and finished with topcoat.  I really loved the effect that this polish had, I've never seen anything like it!

Pawsome Pines:
This polish is described as a pine green glass fleck polish with heavy blue and green shimmer.  I would say that is spot on.  This polish has a really gorgeous color that is just like shimmery pine trees.  I chose to layer one coat of this polish over OPI Jade is the New Black and finished with topcoat.

Overall I was quite impressed with both of these polishes.  Both were unlike anything I've seen and are unique to my collection.  I would highly recommend both of these!


  1. Great pictures! Glad you're enjoying the polishes!

  2. Pawsome Pines is such a gorgeous rich shade! Love!

  3. Both are really pretty! I love the green in particular... what a gorgeous shade! :)

    ~ Yun