Monday, October 21, 2013

OPI DS Opulence: Swatches and Review

Hi everyone, welcome to Monday.  This past weekend was pretty busy for me.  On Thursday I found out that I needed to go to Iowa last minute so my schedule got thrown off.  My sister got inducted into the national nursing honor society so I was happy to make the trek and go support her.  I got back home around lunch time yesterday and decided to be an animal at the gym and do an hour and fifteen minutes of cardio.  I got back home, realized how exhausted I was, and then didn't do anything the rest of the night :) 

Today I have a post that was supposed to go up Saturday, but I'm behind on editing photos so it's going up today.  Today I have my very first OPI DS polish.  I see these polishes in the store, with their shiny silver tops but always pass because of the price.  I happened to find this one on clearance at Ulta and decided to snag it up.  I couldn't decide if I loved the color at first but I'll give you the verdict later.

DS Opulence is a dusty mauve holographic pink.  The formula was very good and I have on two easy coats with no topcoat.  I had to wear this one for a few days but really ended up liking it.  Ultimately I wore this with black polka dots on top to give it an edge.  I'm glad I picked this one up because I think it's a very demure and sophisticated shade.

What do you think of this polish?  Do you own any OPI DS polishes?  If so, which ones?


  1. I own this one too! I'm totally not a pink person so I'm not sure why I bought it.
    Every so often I think about adding it to the swap pile, but then I put it on and see how pretty it looks!

  2. So lovely, haven't seen a polish like this! It reminds me of pink jewels!!

  3. yay!! even if it's not your favorite color, I think it's still special to hang on too! but I think it looks fabulous on you!

  4. Pretty pink! I don't have a lot of DS's due to the price too, but the ones I do have, I love. :)

    ~ Yun