Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Black Sheep Lacquer: Heroine Hermoine

Hi everyone, welcome to Tuesday.  Today I have a polish that is extremely special to me, however I will get into that later.  I hope everyone is having a good week.  I am still continuing my fitness journey at the gym and maybe it's just me, but I feel like I'm already experiencing benefits.  I've been able to sleep at night without taking sleeping pills and made it through an entire work day yesterday without caffeine.  Woo hoo!  Tonight I have my very first spin class.  I'm going to the class with a friend but I'm still pretty nervous about it.  Have any of you ever done a spin class?

Back to the real reason you're here, the polish!  Back in July, Erin from Black Sheep Lacquer ran a contest where people got to come up with their own idea for a polish and the winner got their polish made and a complimentary bottle.  I believe two or three people were chosen and one of them was my idea for a polish based off of Hermoine from Harry Potter.  Harry always gets the spotlight and I wanted to feature Hermoine for a change.  I grew up reading Harry Potter and it has stuck with me ever since.  I've always had a soft spot for the bookish Hermoine, mostly because I was obsessed with reading as a kid and still love to read to this day.

Here is my idea for this polish, actually taken from the original email that I sent to Erin:

It's inspired by Hermione Granger from Harry Potter. It's a mix of brown (for her hair), maroon (for Gryffindor), black (for her robes), and micro glitters in browns and tans to represent books.

She also added a splash of gold and copper, which I think was perfect.  I really loved how this polish turned out, and even more proud that it came from my idea.  I layered one easy coat over Zoya Jacqueline.  

Below is a macro of all the glitter components.  You'll see my swatch doesn't have the large black glitters.  I didn't actually realize they were there until I was editing this picture.  I don't anticipate any problems getting them out in the future, I'll just turn the bottle upside down for about five minutes before I use it.

So what do you think of this polish creation?  Is it something you would wear?  I know that I absolutely love it and I want to thank Erin again for creating this polish.  

This polish retails for $10.00 for a full-sized polish and can be found on Etsy here.


  1. Gorgeous :) I think this is a perfect glitter for fall.

  2. This is an awesome polish! Not only is it pretty but I love your inspiration for it.

  3. Love it, the base color you used goes really well with the glitter!

  4. I love how each of the glitters you chose has a meaning behind it! And the final product looks fabulous. :) I'll have to put this on my wishlist!