Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sweet Heart Polish: Mermaid's Magic

Hi everyone, happy Hump Day!  My posts for the next few days will probably be short and sweet as I have to be out of town for work.  I will be driving all over the state for site visits but I do have some really great polishes coming up.  Today.....I have a really great polish :)  I received this polish because I won a naming contest when I named it Mermaid's Magic.  It reminded me so much of mermaids because of its blue/green iridescent quality.  

This polish is made by Cassandra at Sweet Heart Polish.  Cassandra describes the polish as a green/blue slightly holographic shifting polish with large turquoise holographic dots, sapphire squares, teal circles, and blue square glitter.  This baby is pretty, let me tell you.

I used this polish as a topper over the deep purple, OPI Vant to Bite My Neck? with no topcoat.  It completely changes the color of the polish underneath it and the polish has so much depth.  The circle glitters look like they are not lying flat, but they really are.  This polish was a perfect consistency.  I had to place a few of the circle glitters, although I didn't have to dig for them.  In the sun this polish just shines, sparkles, and is gorgeous.

Overall I have nothing negative to say about this polish.  It was easy to work with, is stunning, and I had no problems whatsoever.  You can find Sweet Heart Polish on Etsy here.


  1. Wow! This one is so pretty!! I love those big circle glitters, definitely reminds me of shimmering scales on a mermaid's tail!

  2. This is really gorgeous! It has a glowing-like-you're-underwater look about it!

  3. I like it but I wish those round glitter were just a tad smaller so they would lie flat on the nails

    1. I think they look like they are sticking up more but they were actually pretty flat.

  4. Oh my word, this is stunning! I really love the big round glitters... so unique and eye-catching! :D

    ~ Yun

  5. This looks AMAZING on you Erin!