Saturday, July 27, 2013

Massive Swatch Spam Saturday!

Hi everyone, welcome to the weekend!  Today I decided to do something a little crazy and get rid of all of the random swatches I've been holding on to.  I plan on upgrading my lightbox soon to hopefully improve my pictures, and these swatches will look out of place if all goes well with the new upgrade.  There are quite a few swatches, so let's jump right in, shall we?

China Glaze

Dandy Lyin' Around: Subtle white with shimmer-three coats, no topcoat


Bikini So Teeny: light blue with subtle shimmer which doesn't really translate to the nail-two coats, but needed a third, no topcoat

Fiji: pale pastel pink-three coats with topcoat

Hard Candy

Crush on Copper:  copper shimmer-two coats, no topcoat

Pixie Pink: pale pink base with aqua, medium pink, and silver glitter-three coats, no topcoat

Julie G

Frosted Gumdrops Blueberry Fizz: medium silvery blue-two coats, no topcoat


Blue My Mind: medium metallic blue with no shimmer-two coats, with topcoat.  This polish is stunning!

There you have it...all of the swatches I've been hoarding.  You might still see the normal swatches for a few more days, but if all goes well, better swatches will be up during next week.


  1. I love swatch spam!!! ;-)

    I have been eyeing Essie Fiji for like's just so beautiful! How is the application for it?

    1. Me too! :) The application isn't great because it's a pastel but it isn't horrible either. I don't mind it because I think the color is so pretty.

  2. That OPI blue is so pretty and vibrant! Love it! :)

    ~ Yun