Thursday, May 16, 2013

Sunflower Nails

Flowers for Mom: Sunflowers!

Hi close to Friday I can feel it :)  I am getting back into my normal life now and doing regular things again.  It feels really good.  I'm excited for my first free weekend in who knows how long.  I'm going to the zoo!  I sound like a little kid but there's always something so fun about it.  For today's nails the challenge was sunflowers.  This is my first floral nail art so keep that in mind :)  I don't have any brushes so I used my trusty bobby pin for everything.

My base color was OPI Solitaire because I was already wearing it, I just did a quick topcoat to smooth it out.  My flower colors include China Glaze Sunday Funday (yellow), China Glaze Desert Sun (tan), Essie Little Brown Dress (dark brown), Zoya Josie (green), and OPI You Don't Know Jacques (medium taupe).  

I like the look of my sunflowers but my vines and buds didn't come out how I wanted.  I guess that's what I get for using a bobby pin haha!  This design wasn't my favorite but the ones coming up came out much better.
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  1. You doing it with a bobby pin and making it still look like sunflowers... i wouldn't know how haha
    Also love your background polish!

    ps. I also love going to the zoo and act like a wee child whenever I go ;)

    Have you tried doing nail art with acrylic paint before? I heard those are easier to use when you want to do more detailed stuff!

    1. Me too Jasmine, I feel like such a little kid! I will have to try the acrylic paint, it's got to be easier than nail polish :)

  3. I give you props for doing this with a bobby pin! You got a lot of detail in there :)

  4. I know how you feel... I love the zoo even though I'm not a kid anymore. Hope you have lots of fun! :)
    Your sunflowers are really cute, by the way!

    ~ Yun

  5. these are really cute and so detailed with only a hair grip! x