Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mother's Day Mani: Inspired by Mom

Flowers for Mom Nail Art Challenge: Inspired by Mom!

Yay for Thursday :)  One day closer to Friday.  Today I have day two of the Flowers For Mom Nail Art Challenge created by Paulina of Paulina's Passions.  I really enjoyed coming up with a mani for this day.  I had so many ideas but I ended up going with my mom's most striking feature...her eyes.  A bunch of people in my family, myself included, have green eyes that change color. They normally are green with a dark blue outer circle but can change from light green, to grey, to blue depending on the light.  I thought a color gradient ruffian would represent this quite nicely.  

The colors, in order, are Zoya Rikki, Zoya Bevin, Zoya Noot, and Julep Millie.  

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  1. I love this type of Ruffian that you chose! I especially love Zoya Noot

  2. Such a great idea. love your inspiration!

  3. What a lovely thought! :) your nails are lovely!

  4. awww - love the inspiration! :D

  5. Love your inspiration... that's really sweet! And your resulting mani is fantastic! :-)

    ~ Yun