Saturday, May 11, 2013

Swatch Spam: Essie Snap Happy

Saturday Swatch Spam: Essie Snap Happy

Happy Saturday everyone!  Today has been a wonderful day.  Mr. PTP and I drove two hours to Ikea this morning to get furniture for his new man room.  We ended up with a car full of boxes two hours later :)  I also happened to pick up my very first Helmer, shiny red!  I am very excited for that.  Today I have some simple swatches that actually remind me of my new helmer, Essie Snap Happy.  This is a bright red crelly and I think it's a really great summer color even though I believe it is from the 2012 winter collection.  Would this be a color you would rock?


  1. beautiful beautiful beautiful! xxxx

  2. I love red polish. I would totally rock this anytime of the year! It looks great on you.

    The Kracked Kat