Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Zoya Stunning Collection

Zoya Summer 2013: Stunning Collection

*Disclaimer-Polishes sent for review*
Let me just get this out of the way...these polishes really are Stunning!  Happy Thursday everyone, one day closer to Friday is always fine with me.  Today I have swatches and a review of the Zoya Summer 2013 Stunning Collection.  This collection consists of six cream polishes.  Formulas varied by polish and will be described below.  Take a look at these pretties...

First up is Zoya Darcy, a sunny yellow cream.  I used three coats for the photos, no topcoat.  The formula was good for a yellow, slightly thick, but nothing unmanageable.  I really liked this color, so sunny and bright.  I think it would look extra pretty with a tan, for which my skin is the opposite of :)


The next color is Zoya Thandie, which is described by Zoya as a citrus orange cream.  I don't normally like orange, but to me this is a juicy cantaloupe color.   I really enjoyed this color because it is a cool toned orange, which works well with my cool skin tone.  I used two easy coats below, with no topcoat.  Formula was fantastic, no problems.

Third is Zoya Micky, described by Zoya as an amazing coral cream.  I didn't think that this polish was a coral color, I considered it much more pink, almost like a light watermelon color.  The formula was a bit tricky, it was on the thin side, and I ended up using three coats below.  Although this polish was thin, it didn't flood my cuticles and I didn't find it unmanageable.  Definitely worth it for the color.

Fourth is Zoya Yana, which Zoya describes as a Geranium pink cream.  I consider this color a very pink leaning medium red...if that makes any sense.  It reminded me of the color of a red Starburst, which are my favorite flavor.  I don't usually pick reds to wear, but I ended up really loving this color.  The tone was cool which I really liked.  Formula was fantastic, two easy coats below.

Next up is Zoya Rocky, a serene blue cream.  Loved this one!  Formula was wonderful again, two easy coats with no problems whatsoever.  This blue has a dusty quality that I really liked, but it is still bright and fun for summer.  This color reminded me of a calm ocean.  

Last up is Zoya Josie, a grassy green cream.  This polish is exactly that, grassy green with a slightly dusty quality to it.  This polish had a classic Zoya formula which was excellent.  I used two easy coats for this polish.

Honestly, I loved every color in this collection.  I am a huge fan of gorgeous, glossy cream polishes and Zoya delivered with all six.  While the formulas on Darcy and Micky with a tiny bit difficult, the color payoff and glassy finish was well worth it.  I can see using these colors with a lot of nail art throughout the spring and summer.  If I had to pick my favorites, I would pick Darcy, Thandie, and Yana.  Another great collection from Zoya.

These polishes retail for $8 and can be found at

*Disclaimer: Polishes sent for review in exchange for my honest opinion.*




  1. The pigmentation and finish on these is just amazing! So hard to pick a favourite, but I think I love Thandie the best. :D

    1. They all had amazing pigmentation, I was really impressed!

  2. Darcy, Josie and Rocky - simply gorgeous :)

  3. Perfect selection of summer shades, I especially like Thandie!

    1. These were extremely perfect for all I need is a tan :)

  4. Hard to pick a favorite but I really love Yana!

  5. It's a gorgeous collection! Zoya has such gorgeous summer shades. I can't wait to try out all the colors myself! :-)

    ~ Yun

  6. Oh my just look at those colors! They are all so pretty and summery.