Monday, April 15, 2013

My Spirit Fingers Swatches

My Spirit Fingers: Zazzle and Star Dust

 *Disclaimer-Polishes Sent for Review*

Happy Tuesday everyone!  Dona from My Spirit Fingers was kind enough to send me two polishes for review.  This is my very first indie polish review, I hope I do it justice!  My Spirit Fingers is a 3-free and cruelty free brand that specializes in polishes made in school colors, how cool is that?  Pretty cool!  I received Zazzle and Star Dust for review.  Let's begin!

First up, bottle shots and descriptions.  

On the left is Zazzle: a glitter polish with a clear base; glitter includes pink and white bar glitter and hexes and circle glitters in colors of pink. black, bright blue, and black

On the right is Star Dust: a glitter polish with a clear base; glitter includes bright blue stars, silver moons, square black glitter, silver glitter, and small silver hex holographic glitter

First up is Zazzle.  I wanted to show Zazzle over a light background as well as a dark background.  For the light color I used OPI It's Totally Fort Worth It and for the dark background I used OPI Mrs. O'Leary's BBQ.  For these swatches I used one coat of polish.  The formula of this polish was good.  I didn't dig for glitter, just used what I got on the brush in one swipe.  All glitters laid flat and the polish dried quickly.  I really liked this combination!  I am a fan of bar glitter and the pink bar glitter was so fun.  I also liked the addition of the small blue glitter, I think it transformed the polish from girly to a little bit funky.  Photos are without topcoat.

I preferred this polish over the light color, it was so girly and delicate with a little bit of edge.

Second is Star Dust.  I really liked this combination as well.  The formula was good, although I did have to do some polish digging as the black glitters tended to stick to the side of the bottle.  I placed the stars and moons as I found them, which is pretty typical for specialty glitters.  The photos below are without topcoat, one coat with some glitter placement.  I used this glitter over Essie Maximillion Strasse Her and just for fun, did one coat over the textured polished Zoya Liberty (loved this outcome)!

And over Zoya Liberty...

Overall, really great glitter topcoats!  I can't pick a favorite because I like both.  For me, they both have that funky element that I really like.  For Zazzle it is the pink bar glitter and the flashes of blue glitter (plus the name!).  For Star Dust it is the stars and moons.  

You can find My Spirit Fingers polish for sale here.  Also check it out on Facebook here.

Which one is your favorite?

*Disclaimer: Polishes sent for review in exchange for my honest opinion*


  1. I love all of the nail art! I need to get myself those nail-polishes!


  2. Zazzle looks so cute over the silver! And I really like the stars and moons in Star Dust! :-)

    ~ Yun