Monday, December 16, 2013

Incoco Merry & Bright Collection: Part 1

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Whew!  What a morning already.  I went to leave for work this morning and got my car stuck in the driveway.  First I got it stuck backwards, then sideways, then frontways.  After an hour, my husband had to leave work to come and get the car out of the driveway.  To be fair, it took him a little bit of time plus a bag of sand.  

Today I have the first part of a big Incoco post.  Incoco strips, for those that don't know, are real nail polish, including top and base coat, in a strip form that apply to your nails.  These are by far the easiest nail strips I've applied and they work so well every time.  I was sent six different designs so I broke them up into two different posts.  These strips are available now and are from the Merry & Bright Collection.

First up is a mash-up of two different designs.  The design on my pointer and middle fingers is called Merry & Bright and it is stunning!  The base is a light gold and it's swirled with magenta and red and covered in glitter.  

The design on my ring and pinky fingers is called Pass the Bubbly and it's perfect for those who want a more subtle holiday look.  It's a really pretty gold, slightly sheer, with so much shimmer.

The third look for today is called Ice Queen.  It's funny because I was going to do all six designs yesterday and I put this one on, and then had to stop and apply them to all my nails as a full mani.  It is just so sparkly and pretty!  Ice Queen is a pale blue and silver glitter.  It's a little bit on the sheer side, but you wouldn't notice it unless you are a few inches away.

Overall I was really impressed with these Incoco strips.  They are easy to apply, have multiple size options in each pack, and have beautiful designs.  Nothing bad to say here!  You can find the winter collection here.

*Products in this post were received in exchange for my honest opinion.


  1. Hmm these are super gorgeous but when I do choose to use strips I expect them to have very elaborate designs. Both of these designs seem attainable by hand with some extra patience. But thank you for the review~

  2. woah that first look is just gorgeous! Love it!