Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Zoya Review: Tickled and Bubbly Collections (huge post)

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Hi there everyone and welcome to Wednesday.  I hope the week is treating you well.  I'm definitely not used to being back at work so I'm kind of in zombie mode right now.  I'm also admittedly not a good morning person at all.  I'm a pretty good mid-morning/afternoon person though ;)

Today I have two brand new Zoya collections for Summer 2014.  The Tickled collection consists of 6 creams and the Bubbly collection consists of six polishes which Zoya is calling holographic jellies.  I went back and forth on how I wanted to show these collections and ultimately I decided to combine them.  My reasoning was because I would wear the Bubbly collection over polishes and not on their own because they are on the sheer side so I wanted to show how I would wear them.  Let's get started.

Wendy-A juicy melon coral cream.  I think this polish looks different dependent on your skin tone because I've seen it look pinker on other people but one me it definitely leans more coral.  I love the color of this one.  The first coat was a little gloopy for me but the second coat evened everything out.  All swatches of the creams are with topcoat.

Alma-A light golden orange peach metallic with the glitter jelly formula.  I wouldn't classify the jellies as holographic but they are definitely very sparkly.  I layered one coat over Wendy, with no topcoat.  I will say that there was really good coverage with one coat.

Kitridge-A classic summer bubblegum pink cream.  Love it!  I'm obsessed with this Barbie pink kind of color and this one is so pretty.  It did dry semi-matte which is why I ended up topcoating all of the creams :)  The formula was great on this one and I needed two coats.

Harper-A cotton candy pink with spun gold shimmer jelly.  This one is darker than Kitridge, which is what I swatched it over.  I used one coat over Kitridge.  All of the jellies had the exact same formula and covered well in one coat.

Rooney-A mid-tone magenta pink cream, slightly dusty.  This color is very pretty, almost a pale berry color, and the formula was great.  I used two coats with topcoat.

Binx-A spicy purple orchid with gold metallic sparkles.  This one is hands down my favorite of the jellies and I used one coat over Rooney.

Tilda-A warm mantis green cream.  This one is super unique and one of my favorites.  I haven't seen a color like this before and I ended up wearing this one to work :)  Great formula on this one, I used two coats with topcoat.

Staasi-A medium citron green with gold shimmer.  This is one coat over Tilda.

Rocha-A warm red-orange cream.  This polish is so bright and vibrant and very punchy for Summer.  This one had a great formula as well and needed two coats.  I also wanted to note that this one was easy to clean up.  Reds and oranges are notorious for bleeding all over the place with cleanup but I didn't have any problems with this one.

Jesy-A fiery coral orange with gold shimmer.  In the bottle I thought this was more of an orange melon color but it leans more orange on the nail.  I used one coat over Rocha.

Ling-A medium marine royal blue.  Be still my blue polish loving heart!  I love this one!  The formula was great and I needed two coats.

Muse-A blue raspberry with subtle gold shimmer.  I loved this one as well!  One coat over Ling.

Overall I'm really happy with both collections.  I will definitely get more use out of the creams but I like the glitter-ness of the new jellies.  My favorites from the Tickled collection are Wendy, Kitridge, Tilda, and Ling and my favorites from the Bubbly collection are Binx and Muse.  I plan on doing comparisons so if you think of something, leave me a comment and I'll add it to my list!  Which are your favorites?  You can find these polishes here.

*Polishes in this post were provided for review in exchange for my honest opinion.


  1. There both such pretty collections! I like them both quite a bit and want to get my hands on them now.

  2. I love how you chose to show these, and Binx over Rooney is pretty gorgeous! I'm wearing Tilda today, and it is unique, but not my favorite, I think.

  3. I love how you swatched these! I'm also loving Tilda-Staasi on you.

  4. This is a wonderful post and gorgeous swatches.
    I like them all, but those two pinks and the layerings stole my heart!

  5. I didn't think I needed much from this collection, but I was clearly mistaken. Rooney, Ling, Tilda, Staasi, Rocha? WANT! (Omigosh, Tilda, I can not even.) Awesome swatches as always, Erin!

  6. i love those blue and green creams! so pretty!