Monday, May 5, 2014

OPI Sheer Tints Collection

Hi guys, welcome to Monday.  If you missed my post yesterday, I mentioned that I've been in St. Maarten all last week, that's why my posting was at weird times, etc.  It was a really amazing trip.  I've always loved being around the beach and water and we were right on the beach!  Go figure I pick up some kind of stomach bug so I'm at home today.  

Anyways, the trip was amazing and my very favorite part was a snorkeling trip we went on on Tuesday.  We snorkeled at three different spots around the island and at the second we got to see sea turtles up close.  I don't know about you, but I always miss home at the end of vacations and I'm glad to be back home with my little kitty girls :)  I have some awesome polishes coming up as well.

Today I have the OPI Sheer Tints collection to share with you.  I hadn't planned on picking up this collection until I saw that there was a mini pack of all the colors.  These polishes are meant to be tinted top coats to change the color of a polish.  I decided to swatch them over white to show the true colors.

Blue-I Can Teal You Like Me
Yellow-I'm Never Amberassed
Purple-Don't Violet Me Down
Pink-Be Magentale With Me

I found the formulas on these to be a bit difficult to work with.  They were a little bit thick and gloopy and they left odd strings of polish when pulling the brush from the nail.  I liked the colors but I'm still not sure of the concept of tinting a polish color that you liked in the first place.  I was happy to see that the yellow was less of the amber color that it looked like in the bottle and more of a true pale yellow color.  Some required two coats and some required three coats to even out completely.

So then I tried to create some nail art....which I'm going to count as a fail.  I wanted to see the effect of layering the different colors on top of one another since they would create an entirely new color.  The problem was that the topcoats are really thick and created a ton of bubbles in the polish. 

Overall I'm not sure how I feel about these tinted topcoats.  I guess I don't understand why you would want to tint a color you already care for.  My other gripe is that the formulas are really thick and difficult to spread on the nail.  How do you feel about these polishes?  I haven't reached for mine since I swatched them :/


  1. I'm really glad I saw this post because I have been lemming after these and almost bought them but since seeing that the formula was on the crummy side I think I will pass. Bummer though because these could be totally awesome! I love the nail art you did though, the effect the colors give is so pretty, especially your index. Poo on those bubbles!!!!

  2. the blue nail art nail is so so pretty! i have some some neat stained glass nail art and stuff done with them, but the bubbles are really unfortunate.

  3. This is one of the best sheer tints mani's I've seen!

  4. I actually want to try them really bad because of all the watercolor looking designs I've seen of them used in.

  5. Woah, that look you tried is really awesome!! I should try that!

  6. I got a set of mini's on ebay, and I've used them a few times. I wouldn't spend a lot of money to get the full sized bottles. I did gradients with mine then stamped over them. I also did a jelly sandwich with the purple one and some glitter. Oh, and I've used them over the Zoya Magical Pixie Cosmo, because I wanted a green one, so I did a layer of the blue and yellow. Didn't diminish the sparkle of the Zoya at all.

  7. Aw glad you had an amazing trip. These Sheer Tints look so fun to play with.

  8. I don't know what to think about these either. I'm drawn to jellies/ sheers, but it's lame that they have difficult thick formulas, and they look super super super sheer. Hmmm. Thanks for reviewing them!!

  9. I really don't get these either, but I love what you did with them! They definitely look nice over white, and I like the way they combine in the cloud/tip design.