Friday, August 9, 2013

Polish Comparison: Dark Metallic Blues

Hi's Friday!  Yay!  I don't think I could handle it if it was any other weekday.  Does anyone have any fun weekend plans?  We are having a barbeque tonight with friends but other than that, I look forward to relaxing :)  

Today I have a quick comparison of three different dark metallic-y blues.  When I first tried Zoya Neve from the fall 2013 collection, I immediately was curious how it compared to Zoya Song.  I got all my blues like this out last night and did a quick comparison.  All nails are two coats with topcoat.

Pointer and Pinkie: Zoya Neve
Middle: OPI Blue My Mind
Ring: Zoya Song

Above is a bottle shot with Zoya Neve.  I am happy to report no dupes here!  They weren't really all that close, but I am also a blue polish lover.  Zoya Neve was definitely the darkest of the three polishes and had a metallic finish.

Above is a bottle shot with OPI Blue My Mind, one of my favorite blues.  As you can see on my middle finger, Blue My Mind is the lightest of the three and the metallic really stands out on this one.

Last up is Zoya Song.  I actually thought Song and Neve would be closer.  Neve is dark and vampy with a metallic finish, whereas Song has shimmer running throughout.

Overall, I really like all three polishes and they are different enough from each other that I don't feel bad for owning all three.  The Zoyas both have perfect formula and the OPI was the sheerest.

I hope you found this helpful!  Have a good Friday :)


  1. ohhh my favourite is definitely song! love that bright blue :)

  2. Thank you for the comparison. I love blues too and was thinking Neve may not be necessary but now that I've seen Song (which I have) and Neve next to each other Neve is on my must-buy list.

  3. Very helpful! Thanks! I really want Neve!