Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hit Polish Nail Lacquer: The Wizard of Oz

Hi everyone, happy Hump Day.  I am back at work, although, if it were up to me, I most definitely wouldn't be.  I've been pretty sick with this food allergy and it is still affecting me today.  I haven't slept in two nights and have an ongoing migraine among other problems.  My most favorite side effect would have to be that my stomach is so swollen and bloated that none of my pants fit...aka how to make yoga pants work acceptable :)  I will see how the day goes though.  My coworker even told me I look gaunt...which seems pretty hard to pull off because I am on the curvy side of the body spectrum.

Today I have a new-to-me indie brand, Hit Polish Nail Lacquer.  I had never heard of this brand until I saw a notification in my facebook feed of a surprise mini set featuring The Wizard of Oz.  I've said before how obsessed I am with The Wizard of Oz, even since childhood, and without too much thinking, I ordered this mystery box.  All I knew was that I would be getting a mystery box with four mini polishes along the Wizard of Oz theme.  I was very happy with my purchase. 

I wanted to get these polishes swatched before I left on vacation because they were supposed to be up while on vacation, which as you all know, didn't happen because of how busy I was.  This is also why I chose to do a skittle mani with the colors.  Like a dork, I left the names on my computer at home, but I will update them when I get home from work.  For now, just look at the glittery prettiness! 

Yellow polish (to be replaced with names once I get home): A cream polish with what looks like holo and silver microglitter.  Two coats, with topcoat.

Green polish (pretty sure this is Emerald City): A glorious glitterbomb of a polish filled with green glitters.  Two coats, with topcoat.

Glitter Mix: This is my favorite polish of the bunch, a mixture of white, black, red, green, gold, and silver glitters in various shapes.  One coat over Essie Vested Interest, with topcoat.

Pink polish: Baby pink crelly polish with silver and pink glitters, very subtle and pretty.  Two coats with topcoat.

And here's the macro shots: 

I was very pleased with my purchase from Hit Polish Nail Lacquer.  This was my first mystery type of item and it is something that I would do again :)

I also wanted to give a quick update on things coming up soon on the blog.  Admittedly I am a little light on material so I decided this morning, in my allergy induced stupor, that I wanted to do something a little different with the OPI San Francisco collection.  I couldn't swatch them because I get red hives on my hands during an allergy attack, but they have finally calmed down enough to be acceptable in a hand macro shot.  I decided to feature one polish a day with swatches, descriptions, and a different nail art look.  My first polish is on my nails today, and will hopefully be on the blog tomorrow.  I didn't plan on such a wordy post today, but I bet you learned more than you ever wanted to know about food allergy attacks haha ;)


  1. Love all of these!!! I love them together too:)

  2. Wow, those are RAD. Love that bright yellow. So fun

    Jules of Canines & Couture

  3. Wow that green one is amazing!!

  4. Oh sweetie, sounds like you've been having a hell of a time. Hope you feel better soon. <3 All these colors are so pretty! The yellow and green are especially eye-catching with their brightness and sparkle! :)

    ~ Yun

  5. I have a few Hit Polishes too and love them! Great quality and a great price too!