Friday, March 27, 2015

A Question for You!


  1. Wow Erin, that sounds like quite a project with your collection! It's a lovely idea though. I like close-ups on the nail so I can see the colour/effect clearly and I also like some description, although if you're going to go through every bottle it might have to be a bit less detailed than usual or you'll be worn out! I wonder if choosing a theme such as, 'My 10 all-time fave Zoya/OPI/ another brand polishes' might work nicely. Or maybe themed by colour or polish type or best formula. Even something like 'X number of least favourite formulas and why' would be interesting. Hope that helps you a bit as you decide where to start. Looking forward to seeing what you choose to show us! :)

  2. Either option is great but the nail shots are helpful. You can do them by name brand and break the videos up in parts. (Opi collection part 1 ) etc if you're worried about length. But yaaaay nail polish collection video in any way is so fun!

  3. Ops sorry ! New Subbie here and didn't realize you started it already. (Working my way through your vids when I can and just got to your zoya collection.can't wait to watch) So glad I found you channel :)
    ~Michelle - I'm constantconnie on YouTube