Friday, December 12, 2014

OPI Don't Speak-Pure 18K Gold Topcoat

Hi there everyone, welcome to Friday.  I finally dragged myself out of bed and into work this morning.  Basically it's Christmas party day at work and I didn't want to abandon my friend, otherwise I'm not so sure if I'd really be here.  The stomach bug continues on!  

Today I have some swatches of OPI's special holiday topcoat that was recently released.  I haven't really been painting my nails but when I have they stay on for five days usually.  So, that means I'm slowly working my way through this ginormous collection :)

OPI Don't Speak is a special 18K Gold topcoat with gold flakies and gold shimmer.  It comes in a heavy duty box (see at the end of the post), which to me is much nicer than the last silver topcoat that came out in the Mariah Carey collection.  This polish looks similar to OPI Man with the Golden Gun which came out in the James Bond collection but that was just a hair before my blogging started so I don't have it to compare to.

For my swatches, I used one coat over OPI Red Fingers and Mistletoes, which is a shimmery red from the holiday collection.  I loved how the flakies looked with the addition of the shimmer because it gave it extra dimension.  Admittedly I wasn't a big fan of the last silver topcoat but I like this one much better.

I did really enjoy the look and the formula on this polish, the really big downside is the pricetag though.  I believe this polish retails for $30 in stores, although a friend was kind enough to pick it up for me at a beauty supply for half the price.  Even at that it still stung a little but I think the cost was worth it on this one.  What do you guys think of this polish?  Will you be splurging on it?


  1. It's really pretty, especially on top of red...but I definitely don't think it's worth the price. I think Zoya makes a real gold flake one that is cheaper. AND it is kind of odd, because Man With the Golden Gun IS so similar (with maybe bigger flakes?)!

    Feel better!

  2. This gold top coat is so pretty but the price on it makes me not want to buy it, lol.